How to Build a Winning WhatsApp Marketing Strategy?

How to Build a Winning WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy to promote a brand through WhatsApp. That helps brands reach a vast audience, maintain strong relationships with customers, and increase sales.

Why should you choose WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app in the world. In 2022, its monthly audience is reported to be more than 2 billion active users. For businesses looking to interact with audiences in developing countries, WhatsApp Marketing is a must-have. The highest number of users around the globe is in India, with a huge number of 390.1 million monthly WhatsApp users, while Brazil has the second-highest, 108.4 million. However, in the US market, WhatsApp is an amazing choice for promotions, with 75 million American users. Even better, text messages have a 98 percent open rate, so you can be sure they’ll see your messages.

Last but not least, your customers adore this mode of marketing. They have higher faith in brands that use chat applications — 53% of people said they would buy from a company that can be reached via chat. There are, however, additional advantages to including WhatsApp in your marketing approach. Continue reading to learn about a few additional advantages of this marketing strategy.

Build a Winning Strategy for WhatsApp Marketing.

A well-crafted marketing strategy allows you to precisely outline your objectives, outcomes, and a plan to get there. Here’s a checklist to help you create a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Define your Goals and KPIs:

Analyze the existing marketing funnel, Identify the weak spots and pursue them using WhatsApp Marketing Strategy. Measure your KPIs and achieve your business goals.

Identify your Target Audience:

Ask yourself who are your ideal customers, what do people look for? What value do they want to get from it? What will be the result? Note: No guesses and speculation. Proper analysis is a must.

Tools to find the perfect audience: Google Analytics, QuickSprout, and your Ad campaigns.

Get the WhatsApp Business App:

Whether you have a small or large business company, WhatsApp Business App is mandatory, that offers some extraordinary features like,

Business Profile, Catalogue, Labels, Automated Messages, and many more.

Build Your Brand Persona:

A brand persona is a classic representation of your business. It is a bag full of features, attitudes, and values that your brand shares with the customers.

Tip: Before building a brand persona, you can look into the past campaigns through WhatsApp that will help you achieve more conversions and sales.

To Create a Contact List:

For WhatsApp Marketing, you need a contact list. The contact list plays a major role to create successful campaigns. However, the contact list should be updated with the people who are interested in your product and service.

For creating a highly relevant contact list, you can look into your different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

Design your Content:

WhatsApp has a remarkable open rate of 98%, although, if you provide unconnected content, it’ll be a waste for your business.

Make sure that your messages will be short and on point, proper use images and videos, and use emojis to make messages more attractive.

Deliver Great Customer Service:

Through WhatsApp, providing quick customer support is an extravagance for businesses, especially for small businesses. WhatsApp can help you and your staff to reply to and address customers’ queries and questions immediately.

Using a WhatsApp Chatbot is +1 for the Customer Service.

Get Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback helps you create better marketing campaigns for the future. Things to remember through customer feedback: Appreciate your work, determine which clients are unhappy and attempt to improve their experience, assist you in determining client satisfaction, and tell you where you need to improve and where things are going well for them.

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